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From a closed down wreck to a working restaurant by a lot of work from
plumbing, electrical, scrubbing, greasing, you name it!
If you're good, where was this in the film?
Lianne in a wardrobe test.
These are the real girls living this story, in that
alley.  For them I hope my film helps.  The most I
could give then were some apples.
In the other alley.
Steve in his own make-up test.
Locals sit in approval.
At the wrap party, Lee and Aunt Jiang.
Taking your own picture while editing
away at 3 am.
Toning up the 2inch (audio).
Now this is rare, but it is 8 months after
shooting and the days are still 24/7 and
since it's now 7:30 am and I have to get
up at 8:30 for my other job, I find a floor
and a trashcan pillow, (and take my own
pic in the dark).
These photos are just one-millionth of
what I've had to do on my own for this
film.  No words or pictures can describe
it.  It is the sacrifice of your health,
money, time, friends, family, food, sleep,
I've traveled to many Chinatowns around
the world, here in Seattle...
...and Victoria Island, British Columbia...
...and New York.
More pics as your own photographer in
the bathroom of Madison Square Garden.
Videotaping yourself.
Sweating around the world even when it's freezing outside to drag the
print like a dead body on your back with another giant case of press
material is no fun.  Festivals for me are extremely difficlut but that is
because I do much, much more than just show up and say "Okay, I'm the
director, let's see my movie.
Another hero of mine, long ago fallen, Bruce Lee
and his son Brandon is next to him.
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